09 April 2010

Happy Birthday Magali

Today my daughter Magali is 18 years old.
I still very clearly remember 9th April 1992 when I was all alone at home and waiting for some news about the return of my husband Ezy from Gibraltar.
Around 7 am I started feeling restless and a few minutes later I felt the first contraction. Actually the due date for the arrival of my baby was 21st April but after all the football playing and kicks that I got, I was very sure that this baby would be wanting to see the world earlier than the date he/she was supposed to arrive. Having been a nurse I knew that her father would never make it for the arrival of his child because he had told the Doctor that he wanted to be in the labor room when the baby was making his/her entry into the world.
I ran up to my Aunt's house to call my sister since at that time we did not have a phone at home.
MTNL connections were being given after 2-3 years and we were staying in that house for only about 10 months. My sister and her husband came and picked me up and took me to the hospital.
By then the contractions were more frequent and painful but naughty Magali was not coming out. I had to wait till 8 40 pm before she decided that she had put me through enough of pain and with the help of forceps she made her entry into the world. A few seconds later I heard a loud angry cry and saw a red angry baby yelling. She looked so cute like a small chimp.
After that ordeal the only thing I wanted to do was to eat something since I was very hungry as I was not given anything to eat because the Doctor thought that if a Cesarean section had to be done then it was better that I should be (nil by mouth) hungry. An Intravenous drip was started in the morning itself so as such my baby was getting nutrition through that.
My sister and brother then went out and got me some hot food which I ate and fell off to sleep completely exhausted.
The next day onwards till to date I have been taking care of her single handedly with no help whatsoever.
The years have gone by really fast and I thank God for all my blessings.
Ezy will be coming home tomorrow and then we are off to Goa .
Summer Holidays begin.
Lots of love,