25 August 2010

F for Freedom

Freedom is defined as the condition of being free of restraints, Liberty of the person from slavery, detention, or oppression.
As an Indian woman I have seen and heard of many cases where women do not have the freedom to choose their career, life partner and anything what so ever. They are controlled by their fathers before marriage and then the husband tells them what to do or not to do after marriage.
When I was young I always wanted to be a nurse. My father was against the idea of me making a career out of nursing. But I was adamant and got my way by agreeing to do my graduation in Arts before I joined the nursing course. I completed my nursing and really enjoyed myself. I made so many new friends and am in touch with two of them even though they are in New Zealand. My father was also particular that we siblings married a Goan Brahmin and he was lucky that all of us managed to find suitable spouses even though three of us had arranged marriages. For me it was not so bad as far as freedom was concerned.
After I got engaged to Ezy he told me that he wanted me to leave my job as he wanted me to sail with him after we got married. So I left my job just before I got married.
After that when little Magali came into our lives I had all the time in the world to look after her and I enjoyed myself. I am lucky that I married Ezy because he has given me  lot of FREEDOM. I do not work but I have enough of money to spend lavishly. I spend about 5 hours each day /three times a week at the Home for the aged. I help out many people in many ways I can and i am happy that I have a family that allows me to do what I want.
Thank you Ezy for giving me my freedom and I love my life the way it is.

Love you both.

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18 August 2010

E for English

English is the language that was spoken by the British & since the British colonized India for a long time, they started schools & colleges that taught the language. Every state in India has it's own language & since I live in Maharashtra, the language spoken by the locals here is Marathi along with Hindi (Our national language) & a few people speak English.
My daughter Magali is in first year of her Bachelor of Arts degree & she has joined the English literature association, she has been assigned to teach English to anyone who does not know the language.
She went to her school to try to help poor students but the timings for the extra classes were clashing with her college timings.. She was looking out for somebody & suddenly we came across this mother & daughter who are interested in learning English. The mother is not illiterate, she has done twelve years of schooling but with Marathi as the language of teaching.The daughter is in Kindergarten & studying in a convent school. So Magali & me will be teaching the mother & daughter to speak and write English . We hope we will be able to help them learn the language
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11 August 2010

D for daughter

Today I dedicate my post to my daughter Magali.
My daughter Magali when she was a baby.
I do not know when and how it all started but I have seen it in many families that the parents always favor the sons. I do not know the reason for that behavior but it really irritates me when the daughter is completely ignored and made use of in all ways while the son is the Lord and Master in the house. Maybe it has to do with the dowry system here in India that parents find that the daughters are a burden on their finances.
My parents too were always partial to my brothers and quite ignored my sister and me. It really hurts that now when the brothers are married and all the assets are taken over by the brothers their wives want nothing to do with the Mother because she is old and not useful to babysit and now that the children are grown up they do not need the unpaid maid servant (the Grandmother).
When I was pregnant my husband always wanted a girl but I told him that we should be happy with either a girl or a boy but  my only prayer was that I should have a normal delivery and a normal child. God granted me my prayers and I am thankful that I  have a daughter.
My daughter is 18 years old and a blessing to me and my husband. Though she may pester me for many things that she wants she is a good and loving daughter who is kind to all and loves animals. I am really happy that I have a daughter and do not wish for anything else in this world.
Dearest Magali, Dad and I love you and want you to continue being  a good person that you are.
May God bless you and keep you safe always.

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03 August 2010

C for Captain

This post is dedicated to my husband Captain E Vaz and all the Captains in the Merchant Navy.
Our family on the ship.
Most sailors are away from their families for at least 4 months when they are out at sea sailing from port to port and have wives in every port.... that is only true for the unfaithful kind.
It is really good  that the contracts for higher ranking officers are  not more than 4 months so they can be home more often. I remember the time when Magali and I were sailing with  Ezy for 18 months at a stretch. Magali had forgotten our home in Mumbai and for her the ship was home and when I came home when the ship was in Mumbai port she was crying to go back home (the ship). We really enjoyed the time spent together as we got to visit a lot of Asian ports though Magali does not remember much because she was between 18 months and 36 months of age.
So for  all the Captain's I pray that you all have calm seas and following winds always.
Since you are in charge of the ship and all the lives on board may you always have God's blessings and guidance.
Take care,
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