28 January 2015

Comparisons are Not Good

I do not know why  people find the need to compare their children or different people.

Last week I met a Father whose two daughters are in Australia. He was going to visit them and when I politely asked about them he told me that he was very happy with the older daughter who was doing very well for herself and was in the 'elite strata of society' (his words) whereas the younger daughter was just 'mediocre' and he had nothing to really say about her.

He bragged about the big pay check that the older daughter earned every month but did not want to say anything about the younger daughter. It looked like he was very dissatisfied with how the younger daughter was living her life.

And all this talk when I just politely asked about them.

Parents, please try not to compare your children to their siblings or to others too. I know it is difficult because I happen to do it sometimes too. Give your children all that you can and then leave it to them to build a life for themselves. Loving the children always is  most important.

Take Care,

This post has been written as part of ABC Wednesday.

21 January 2015

B for Begging

In July 2003 I started going as a volunteer to The Home For The Aged run by The little Sisters of the Poor In Mumbai, India.

The Order was founded by St. Jeanne Jugan in the nineteenth century in France.

Now there are Homes all over the world and the Religious look after the poor and abandoned old people irrespective of  religion or caste.

Since the Homes are run on charity the Religious go out at least once a week to beg for perishables and non perishable in the markets. Many people come to the homes and donate on different occasions in the family or any good happening that has happened to them. Most of the time the shopkeepers give very willingly but some make a very disgusted face at the sight of the Sisters when they are doing their rounds.

These photos have been taken by my daughter Magali & were published in her blog 'Begging with the Little Sisters of the Poor in Mangalore', you can read more about our experience there.

Most of the Sisters have a thick skin and do not mind if they are insulted but some of them are shy and hesitant and I really would not blame them.
Begging is difficult and a person has to be thick skinned when they are insulted or just ignored as if they are not visible to the person

May God give the Little Sisters the strength and courage to beg for the Residents of their Homes.
May God shower them with blessings and good health for the work that they do for the poor.


This post has been written as part of ABC Wednesday.

14 January 2015

A for Appreciation

Today being the start of ABC Wednesday I am starting with the Alphabet A.

Appreciation: meaning recognition of the good in a person.

Many a times we take people for granted and never appreciate them.

My Father loved having me around the home doing most of the work he told me, but he never appreciated me or said a word to me.

But I got to hear from a lot of people that he always praised me as being an active and smart person and being able to do varied things right from gardening or going to Churchgate to pay his Life Insurance premium when I was just 13 years old.

I also feel that I should let people know that I have loved having them in my life.
The first person will be my husband Ezy who has given me the freedom to do what I want though I have never abused that freedom. We will be celebrating  25 Years together in a few days.

The next person is someone who came into our life more than 22 years ago.
That person is our daughter Magali. I am happy that she has grown into a smart and kind girl especially to animals. Ezy and I love her and have done all that we can to make her happy.

Next is our families and friends. Thank You all for being a part of our lives.I Thank God and appreciate you all.

Love you all,