06 November 2011

Greed Overcomes All Else

I am quite in a serious mood today. Feeling very angry about how a son is treating his mother.
I am a volunteer at The Home for The Aged since  8 years.
There are about 130 men and women all above 65 years.
As I know most of the old people on first name basis and I go at least 3 times a week they are quite comfortable talking about their lives to me.
The person I am going to write about is a lady 0f 80+ years who was literally thrown out of her home because her husband has made a mistake of transferring the house to the son's name.
A picture taken by Magali at the Home for The Aged
at their recent hat parade event.
The old couple were happily living with the son and his family and the old lady took care of the grand children when the son & daughter in law were working. The grand children grew up and by then the daughter in law was getting restless that the "old people were not dying" and that they would never get the house to themselves.
To the good luck of the children the old couple happened to have a daughter who was living in Canada and had decided to take the parents for a holiday. Before they left the son conveniently told the Father that since he would not be around for 6 months at least it would be nice if the Father transferred the house to the son's name, for official reasons.
The Father trusted the son transferred ownership before they left for Canada.
Six months later they came back to India to a place that they knew as home which was no longer theirs.
The son, daughter in law and grandchildren found that the old couple were unwanted at home and tried everything they could do by verbally and physically abusing the old couple. When the old couple could take it no more they informed their daughter who promptly came to India and took the old couple to Mangalore where they were put in the Home for the Aged after paying more than 12,000/- Rupees ($250 which is quite a lot here) a month not including all other expenses. The old man fell sick there and passed away. Now the old lady was all alone and feeling lonely and to her good luck there was place for her at The Home for the Aged in Mumbai and the daughter came to India and brought her to Mumbai. It is now nearly 6 years that she is here in Mumbai and the son has hardly come to meet her. He calls once in a while to find out if the Mother is fine but the call is just to show the Religious Sisters that he calls and that he cares about the Mother.
The daughter visits the Mother every year from Canada and would have liked to take the Mother to live with her but the harsh winters of Canada do not agree with the Mother.Though the Home is a free Institution she contributes a good amount as Donation. I really admire her as she calls regularly and is really concerned about the Mother though she has no financial gain in the situation.
The Mother is bitter about the whole situation and blames her husband for the situation that she is in today.
She sits and talks to me almost every time I go to the Home. I love talking to her and she says that she enjoys talking to me too. Sometimes I take some home cooked food that she likes and her eyes shine when she tells me that she has enjoyed her meal.
I have seen many cases like these. In all the cases the parents have given away all the assets to the children who do not care about the parents after they have the money, gold and diamond ornaments and apartments in their names.
It is a lesson to parents that you should only give away all that you have in a will that is opened after you are dead. Be there for your children when they need you but do not be a fool and then repent later.
This is a reminder also to my husband and me that we should make a will when he is home this time so that the assets will all be given to our daughter when we are no more.

Take care everyone.
Lots of love,

12 September 2011

Lemonade & Family.

Just two quick photos taken by my daughter on a mom & daughter pizza date. Those are fun! My husband will be home soon & I'm quite excited about it.
She always has the lemon soda & I always have the masala lemonade.


10 July 2011

Almost six months...

Since I last posted. What a pity. In this time, I have been on a vacation with an old friend (which was a lot of fun), celebrated yet another birthday, & done many more things. But housework, voluntary work at the Home for the Aged & of course my favorite frontierville keeps me so busy & I am very lazy to type. So there. These are my reasons for not blogging. I hope that in the future blogging becomes an internet priority over those silly Zynga games that I enjoy so much. I think I should take part in the next round of ABC Wednesday.
Hope everyone is well.

Bye for now,

23 January 2011

Rebecca Bonbon helps keep my hands warm!

I was first introduced to Rebecca Bonbon through my daughter. She is a very cute French bulldog, born in Paris but now living in NYC.
A while ago I joined Chictopia, a fashion website. I love how great the community is, it's so much fun to spend time there! (You can see my ChicBlog here.
Anyway, a while ago I redeemed Rebecca Bonbon gloves from Chictopia. And they arrived within three weeks!
Here they are:

The size mentioned is 'juniors' but I am glad that they are stretchy because they fit well!

Thanks Chictopia for these super cute gloves! I really love them.


20 January 2011

Happy Birthday Ezy and A happy Wedding Anniversary to Us!

Hello everyone. It has been a long time since I have done a blog post and it is because I have been lazy to do it.  I am a person who loves to talk face to face with people or over the phone with family and friends who I cannot meet regularly. My daughter  Magali has been pestering me since such a long time to do a post so I decided that today is the right day that I should do it.
Today being 20th January happens to be my husband's birthday and our 21st Wedding Anniversary.
Happy Birthday Ezy and a Happy Wedding Anniversary too.
It is 21 years ago that I gave up my career since my husband who is a Captain in the Merchant Navy wanted that I should sail with him and that we would be able to spend a life together rather than being apart when he would join a ship.
Time has gone by like the seas, sometimes smooth sailing with not even a ripple on the waters and then sometimes were like the choppy seas and bad weather but basically we have managed to keep ourselves together without allowing any outside interference to break us apart.
I really do not know what life has in store for us but I hope and pray that we keep in Good Health and have a happy life together along with Magali.
I love you Ezy and wish that we have many more Wedding Anniversaries to come.

With all my love.