29 September 2010

K for Kindness.

Kindness is the act or state of being kind.
A blind person being helped across the road by a sighted person
We should be kind to people without expecting anything in return. Everyone should make an effort to be kind to  people and even animals so as to make a small little difference in their lives.
I sometimes see a blind person being led by a sighted person on the road and it really makes me  glad.
When I see anybody offering a seat in the bus to an elderly person or a woman in advanced stage of pregnancy it makes me sing. When I  help anyone in their time of need I really feel blessed by the Gods for being given a chance to do good to a human being.
I am also  kind to all the old persons I meet when I go to The Home for the aged because most of them there have been abandoned by their children or relatives.
I have taught my daughter to be kind too and I really love it when she is so kind to the dogs and cats when we visit my Mum in Goa.
My prayer today is that we should  be blessed with kindness in our lives always.
With lots of love,

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22 September 2010

J for Joshua

Joshua is my small little nephew who was born on 23rd May 2009. He is a cute little bundle of mischief who is so full of energy that he keeps his parents on their toes all the while. The little rest they get is when he is taking a nap in the daytime and when he sleeps at night. I have taken care of him the few times I have visited their home because they do not live close by and time does not permit me to visit them often , though I speak to them often on the phone. Even when I am talking to his mother he wants to say "Ello" to me when his mother tells him that it is "Aunt Sheila"  she is speaking to. He loves to play with all the pots and pans instead of the lovely toys he has.
I last saw him on 11th June 2010 which happened to be my brothers birthday. I hope and pray that he grows to be a good child to his parents.
Love to all,

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19 September 2010

My New Domain

Hello everybody,
I'd like to tell you that I have a brand new domain- http://www.Chila.in
I chose the name 'chila' because of my daughter Magali who plays with me when she is in a naughty mood & asks me what my name is & I playfully tell her that my name is Chila (pronounced as Cheela... obviously a kiddish way of pronouncing my name Sheila.
When I fianlly decided to get myself a domain, I chose Chila! Also I chose a .in domain because as I mentioned in my last post I am proud to be Indian.
Best wishes to all,

PS. Thanks BigRock for the domain.

15 September 2010

I for India, Identity, Ice cream

India is the country of my birth.
It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area and  the second-most populous country in the world.
I was born 47 years ago in Mumbai (India) when it was not so crowded as it is today. Even though India is looked down upon by the other countries I would like to say that I love my country.
My husband and I got chances to move to other countries earlier on but my husband never wanted to go to live in another country as he was very happy to be living in India.
There are so many beautiful places to visit in India and I am sorry that I have hardly visited few of those places.
Will definitely try to visit some historical places and learn more about my country.

Identity: Each of us should have our own identity other than being some person's wife, mother, brother, sister, father etc.
We should achieve something in our lives, big or small  that makes us happy and content.Then this world will be a much better place to live in.

Ice cream: I must confess that I love ice cream in all different flavors and can see the end of a pack that is  in the refrigerator very soon. That is a weakness I have and I am trying to stop that. I do not buy ice cream often so that I am not tempted.

Love to all,

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08 September 2010

H for Hope

Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life.
Hope is the one thing that we have in our lives that keeps us going when the we are low and want something good to happen in our lives.
When I was working at the hospital I saw too many patients who just gave up and died because they did not have the will to live. The patients should always hope that they will get well but in terminally ill patients it was really sad when the Doctors had to tell the relatives that there was no hope of recovery for the patient.
Many of us nurses used to spend the little free time we had talking to the patients and relatives and trying to make them feel a little better because they came to Mumbai for treatment from all over India and were frightened by the big city and the outcome of the treatment given to the patient.
I hope and pray that all of us have it in us to find Hope in our lives in any circumstance we have to face.

Love to all,

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02 September 2010

G for Goa

Goa is the smallest state in India. A native of Goa is called a Goan in English,Goenkar (गोंयकार) in Konkani, Govekar (गोवेकर ) in Marathi.
This collage is made by Magali after our last holiday.
Though my husband and I are born in Mumbai our parents were from the same village in Goa and the families knew one another. When our fathers were old enough to leave Goa they came to Mumbai to make a living because in Goa there was nothing much to do. They earned enough money and later went back to Goa to find Goan wives and brought them back to Mumbai where they started their families.
Goa is visited by large numbers of international and domestic tourists each year. The beaches of Goa are famous and quite clean. We love Goa but only for a holiday but now with all the drunken driving and drug dealing going on, Goa is not a very safe place and  we are used to the fast pace of  life in Mumbai.
Though we have a holiday home in Goa we visit only once a year in the summer vacations as a family because Ezy is usually home at that time.
We also love to spend time at the resorts in Goa since we have a membership and spend a lot of time on the beach just enjoying the cool breeze and relaxing.
I look forward to our Goa holiday every year and maybe this year we will be visiting Goa in the Diwali or Christmas Vacations.
With lots of love,

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