21 December 2014

I am Back!

The lazy me has decided to get active on my blog after a very long time.

Magali has been coaxing me to blog so much that I have planned to write something at least once a week when I am at home.

Lots of things have happened since I wrote my last post.

My husband has turned 60 and has retired from sea life and is now at home all the while. We have a decent life without me not having worked since marriage. Holidays abroad, holidays in India, we have done a lot in these years together. Magali and I spent a lot of time with Ezy on board different ships and I really enjoyed the together time we had.

Magali is busy with her work and enjoying herself. She works from home so is around most of the time. I am happy for her because Ezy and I never forced any career choices on her and gave her the liberty to choose to do whatever she would wish to do.

I have turned 51 this year and have started getting the odd aches and pains sometimes. I really wish I was as active as I was when I was younger. I am still continuing with my volunteer work at The Home For The Aged. I have completed 11 years and hope to continue going as long as I can even though my husband may sometime grumble that I am going out often during the week. He loves to have me around the home all the while.

Life is good. In a little more than a month Ezy and I  are going to complete 25 years of married life. The time has passed quickly and nicely. I love my life and my small family.

Lots of love,