18 March 2015

Joy of Giving

Everybody in this world should give something at least sometimes in their lives.

I know a lot of very selfish people who would not want to part with a small amount of money if someone was in need and even if the person promised to return the money as soon as possible. They pretend as if they do not have money or just do not care because they feel that it does not affect them in any way. But if they need help in any way then they do not mind asking the same person who they insulted before to help them.

I have been very generous all my life. But sometimes I feel that I have been taken advantage of by selfish people who ask for help when they need me otherwise they just do not care.

I love to give. I am a nurse and have been helping as a volunteer at the Home for the Aged run by the Religious for about 13 years. I go at least twice a week now but used to go even everyday when I just started volunteering and when Magali was small. I help with the dressings and dispensing of medicines and also giving injections or feeding the bedridden.

I used to go regularly to visit an Aunt who was not very well. I used to cut her hair, cut her nails and give her a  bath. She had a daughter and her family living with her but no one really cared for her. Her daughter gave her  a bath one day and then later told her that she had a severe backache because she bathed the Mother so she would not bathe her again. She passed away a few years ago.

I have volunteered at the church to help the poor and the sick but then the well to do people got my number and started calling me to do things for them so that they could save their money. I refused as I said that they could afford to go to the Doctor or the hospital and then later when I met them they were angry that I refused to help them. One person even wanted me to give his cat an injection. I told him to take his cat to the Vet.

I have given money and things to family and was cheated and so now am wary about helping anyone. I give but on a smaller scale and now since my husband has retired the money flow is less so I am a little careful with giving.

But the Joy of Giving is always there and I will never ever stop.

May God Bless you all in abundance for all that you do for mankind and may you be Joyful always.


This post is part of ABC Wednesday.

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