24 July 2010

A is for Andheri

For those of you who don't know, Andheri is a suburb of Mumbai. read more about it here.
Taken from here.
This is the place where I have spent 44 years of my life, the first half in Andheri (West) and after marriage in Andheri (East). It has changed a lot since we first came here so long ago. It was deserted, & a lot of it actually had forest cover. Now it is becoming pretty crowded. I have fond memories of the cottages and time when I used to play chor-police with my friends. It is basically one of the largest suburbs of Mumbai & I love living here.
This post is part of ABC Wednesday, I have been convinced by my daughter to start the ABC Wednesday challenge so I can post regularly on this blog! She is taking it too!
Have fun,


  1. I love the picture of your family with the tiger - that is one big cub ...

  2. Wonderful that you link up with your daughter!
    Looking forward to reading more about you in Round 7.
    ABC Team

  3. It's a family affair. Nice!
    welcome to ABC Wednesday - ROG from the ABCW team

  4. Thank you Rogerogreen. Sorry for the late reply.

  5. Thank You Denise. My daughter Magali has been blogging since a long time and it is because of her that I have started blogging. Sorry that I have been late in replying to your comment.

  6. Yes Yaay to Andheri Always Magali.

  7. That was a picture taken a Safari world Bangkok in May 2009. We really enjoyed our holiday in Bangkok. Thank you for your comment and I an sorry that I am replying after a long time.

  8. Wonderful sharing.. I like your blogs.. Always nice..