28 July 2010

B for Blessings

Blessings are there is every persons life. But we fail to recognize them and thank God for them.
I thank God for my parents. My father passed away 12 years ago and my mother lives alone in Goa out of choice.
I thank God for my three siblings though I may have many problems with them.
I thank god for all my relatives, friends, good and bad.
I thank God for everyone who has come into my life and I have not really appreciated them.
And last of all I thank God for my lovely family.
My husband who has been a good person, worked hard for his family before marriage and now works hard for Magali and me, and gives us a very comfortable life.I  have not been a working woman since over 20 years and I have had a lovely life so far though I may grumble sometimes.
I thank God for our daughter Magali who was a surprise for us. She knows why I am saying that.
So thank you God for all the Blessings given to me .
With love,

This post was a part of ABC Wednesday.


  1. What a lovely blessing. I'm thankful for so many of the smae things.
    I'm glad you shared this for ABC Wednesday.

  2. Lovely blessings indeed! And we can all take time to be thankful for the blessings in our own lives. Beautiful post for the B day! Enjoy!


  3. yes, my dad died 10 yrs ago; fortunately my sister lives w my mom

    blessings to you and yours

  4. Good finding !
    Gattina from the ABC Team

  5. Hi Shiela, thanks for this post. I am following you now. Happy Wednesday!

    ABC Wednesdsay~B

  6. Your have a wonderful worldview that recognizes blessings and where they come from. The yellow rose in the hands is a lovely symbol of remembrance.

  7. I do grumble about my life when I am angry but at the back of my mind I know I have a lot to thank God for.
    Thanks for the nice comment.

  8. Thanks for the follow Manang Kim. :)))

  9. Lovely blessings indeed. Thank you Tumblewords.

  10. Thanks for the blessings and wish you the same Rogerogreen.

  11. God is so good to me.Thanks for the comment Sylviak.

  12. I have a lot on my mind to share but lazy to write. With ABC Wednesday I think I will be forced to do it.
    Thank you photowannabe for the comment.

  13. Great post for B - we all need to recognize our blessings!

  14. Recognizing and remembering our blessings always will make us understand that there are a lot of people who do not have as much as we have and are still happy.
    Thanks for the comment Bev.

  15. Fantastic work.. I like you blogs title.. Thanks for your nice post..