03 August 2010

C for Captain

This post is dedicated to my husband Captain E Vaz and all the Captains in the Merchant Navy.
Our family on the ship.
Most sailors are away from their families for at least 4 months when they are out at sea sailing from port to port and have wives in every port.... that is only true for the unfaithful kind.
It is really good  that the contracts for higher ranking officers are  not more than 4 months so they can be home more often. I remember the time when Magali and I were sailing with  Ezy for 18 months at a stretch. Magali had forgotten our home in Mumbai and for her the ship was home and when I came home when the ship was in Mumbai port she was crying to go back home (the ship). We really enjoyed the time spent together as we got to visit a lot of Asian ports though Magali does not remember much because she was between 18 months and 36 months of age.
So for  all the Captain's I pray that you all have calm seas and following winds always.
Since you are in charge of the ship and all the lives on board may you always have God's blessings and guidance.
Take care,
This post is a part of ABC Wednesday.


  1. A very nice post for C this week. It is so nice that you and the family get to do so much traveling. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. "C" in your world is also for "Caring" what a beautiful family you have. Thank you : )

  3. passionate c post.
    I am sure your husband will smile!

  4. bless you and your captain/honey
    ROG, ABC Wednesday teamType your comment here.

  5. My husband is on leave at the moment so he follows the blog and also the blog of our daughter

  6. We spent a lot of time traveling together when our daughter was small.
    Later when she was in school and now in in college she is not permitted many days off. So now we take off on holidays in the summer vacations.
    Thank you for the nice comment.

  7. thank u for sharing that story..
    hope u get to travel more often, even with ur daughter's college n all..

  8. Thank you Leo. I also hope that happens but it will not be possible as our daughter is 18 years now and most shipping companies in India do not allow children over 18 years to sail though the wife and younger children are allowed.