08 September 2010

H for Hope

Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life.
Hope is the one thing that we have in our lives that keeps us going when the we are low and want something good to happen in our lives.
When I was working at the hospital I saw too many patients who just gave up and died because they did not have the will to live. The patients should always hope that they will get well but in terminally ill patients it was really sad when the Doctors had to tell the relatives that there was no hope of recovery for the patient.
Many of us nurses used to spend the little free time we had talking to the patients and relatives and trying to make them feel a little better because they came to Mumbai for treatment from all over India and were frightened by the big city and the outcome of the treatment given to the patient.
I hope and pray that all of us have it in us to find Hope in our lives in any circumstance we have to face.

Love to all,

This post is part of ABC Wednesday.

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