15 September 2010

I for India, Identity, Ice cream

India is the country of my birth.
It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area and  the second-most populous country in the world.
I was born 47 years ago in Mumbai (India) when it was not so crowded as it is today. Even though India is looked down upon by the other countries I would like to say that I love my country.
My husband and I got chances to move to other countries earlier on but my husband never wanted to go to live in another country as he was very happy to be living in India.
There are so many beautiful places to visit in India and I am sorry that I have hardly visited few of those places.
Will definitely try to visit some historical places and learn more about my country.

Identity: Each of us should have our own identity other than being some person's wife, mother, brother, sister, father etc.
We should achieve something in our lives, big or small  that makes us happy and content.Then this world will be a much better place to live in.

Ice cream: I must confess that I love ice cream in all different flavors and can see the end of a pack that is  in the refrigerator very soon. That is a weakness I have and I am trying to stop that. I do not buy ice cream often so that I am not tempted.

Love to all,

This post is part of ABC Wednesday.


  1. "Even though India is looked down upon by the other countries I would like to say that I love my country."- Yes you do as you love your country not because it is the greatest political power or the most richest but because it is your own.

    Agree with your point on Identity.

  2. You have an amazing mix of history and beautiful scenery in India so it would be wonderful to travel around, and eat ice cream on the way.

  3. Great post! India is a place I've always wanted to visit - still hope to get there someday.

    And I love ice cream a little too much, too!

  4. Wonderful. I for India. You are the first to point that in ABC Wednesday.

  5. Yes Prateek I will always be proud of being an Indian. It is irritating when you go abroad the people ask you of the slums and poverty.
    India is much more than that.
    Thanks for the comment.

  6. I hope you get the chance to travel to India and have a great time. You can also eat lots of yummy ice cream when you are here.

  7. Hope you can visit India soon. Also eat lot of ice cream whilst you are going around India.

  8. I hope you get to visit India as soon as possible and hope you enjoy your stay here by eating lot of ice cream.