06 October 2010


Lego is  a line of construction toys manufactured by a company in Denmark.
I remember the time when Magali and I were sailing on a ship with my husband and I purchased the first Lego bucket for her in Singapore. Some months later we were in a port in Thailand and since it was December 1994,
Some of the minifigures from Magali's lego collection.
Photograph by Magali.
Ezy told me to buy some toys for Magali for Christmas. I went to the toys department and bought lot of mini figures and different sets of Lego. Every morning when Magali woke up I used to give her one box and would love to see the excitement on her face when she opened the box. She was small (about 2 years and 8 months) and thought that Santa was giving her all those gifts.When Ezy  was free all three of us would sit on the deck (floor of a ship) in the cabin and make all the sets and really love to try out different things that could be done. Magali really loved Lego and some were used and thrown out while some are still there and displayed in our show case. Magali was just clicking some photos a few days ago.
I remember those lovely days we spent as a family on a ship and made all different things with Lego.

Love to all,

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