20 October 2010


When I was a small child we lived in a home having trees and a lot of greenery  I was used to seeing a lot of birds flying around. I also used to observe the birds building nests for the eggs that would later hatch into many more little ones flying around in a month or so.
I used to see the male/female of the tit bird and also the weaver bird building their nests that would take care of the eggs and keep them safe from the weather and other predator birds.I also saw the crows picking up all sorts of wires and all sorts of things to make a nest where the cuckoo would also lays its eggs. I always marveled at the energy that the birds had going in search of things and coming back to make the nest a cosy place for the eggs and also for themselves because it was they  who sat on the eggs to give them warmth and helped in the hatching of the eggs.
In a way we too build nests for our small babies as we prepare for their arrival. Most parents will forgo the things they want so that they can give the best to their children.
Hoping and praying that we have the strength to always take care of our nests even when the young ones have flown away.
Happy nesting,

This post is part of ABC Wednesday.

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  1. I am also pray for that nest.. It looks too lovely.. Can you tell me what type of birds..