13 October 2010

Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is a multiplayer browser game created by Zynga. It is available on Facebook.
Addicted to Mafia Wars
I started playing Mafia Wars after I registered on  Facebook in April 2009. My daughter was playing the game and she invited me to join. When we were in Goa I played a little when we went to the cybercafe. After that we went for a three week holiday to Bangkok and when we were not sightseeing or shopping the three of us used to go to the cybercafe at the resort. With the high speed connection at the resort I played a lot and got addicted to Mafia Wars.
After our return to Mumbai in June 2009 I continued playing at home and when Ezy used to see me playing when he was at home he teased me and said that I did all the jobs in Mafia Wars New York such as Mugging, Auto Theft, collect on a loan, bank theft etc. and enjoyed myself.
Right now I am on level 955 and I really do not know when I will be bored and stop playing the game.
Till then I will have fun by robbing and looting in the game.

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