04 February 2015

My Daughter, My Blessing!

I remember the day very clearly when it was confirmed that I was pregnant. I  had never thought about the gender of the child and was just hoping that I have a normal delivery and a normal child.

Magali with me, aged 2 months old.
My husband being in the Merchant Navy joined a ship when I was 3 months pregnant and promised me that he would be home on time for the delivery.

But our daughter had different plans. About 2 weeks before my due date she decided that she wanted to see the world and so on 9th of April around 8.40 pm  after a long and painful labour she came into this world.

I say daughters are a blessing because they share everything with you. Your joys, sorrows, pain and sickness.

Magali last month, aged 22!
When I am not well she is beside me all the while trying to make me comfortable.When she is out of the house she calls me often just to say "Hi". I have taken care of her all by myself even when my husband has been away on the ship and with no full time help but I always enjoyed our time together.Even on holidays we enjoy just roaming around new places, sight seeing and shopping.

I love you Magali and hope and pray that you are blessed with good health and all the happiness in this world.

Take care,

This post has been written as part of ABC Wednesday.


  1. Congratulations on your daughter.

  2. what a loving message to your DAUGHTER. You must have raised her well!


  3. Beautiful daughter. I share your joy as my daughter is 17 and headed to college in the fall.

  4. Thank You Freda and I hope and pray that your daughter too is bleseed with good health and happimess.