14 January 2015

A for Appreciation

Today being the start of ABC Wednesday I am starting with the Alphabet A.

Appreciation: meaning recognition of the good in a person.

Many a times we take people for granted and never appreciate them.

My Father loved having me around the home doing most of the work he told me, but he never appreciated me or said a word to me.

But I got to hear from a lot of people that he always praised me as being an active and smart person and being able to do varied things right from gardening or going to Churchgate to pay his Life Insurance premium when I was just 13 years old.

I also feel that I should let people know that I have loved having them in my life.
The first person will be my husband Ezy who has given me the freedom to do what I want though I have never abused that freedom. We will be celebrating  25 Years together in a few days.

The next person is someone who came into our life more than 22 years ago.
That person is our daughter Magali. I am happy that she has grown into a smart and kind girl especially to animals. Ezy and I love her and have done all that we can to make her happy.

Next is our families and friends. Thank You all for being a part of our lives.I Thank God and appreciate you all.

Love you all,


  1. Welcome to our little corner of the Internet. Nice story!


  2. Its so important to say what we feel and not keep it to ourselves. Good post.

  3. My parents were like your dad. Neither parent expressed appreciation for anything I did, but I was fortunate to overhear them talking about me to others in kindly words. Maybe it's the way of their generation or just the way their own parents were. I think I express my appreciation to people because of my parents' inability to articulate it. That's a positive aspect, I suppose.

  4. It sure is important to tell people they are appreciated. Thank you for commenting.

  5. I did not really overhear my father say anything but some people told me that he always praised me. As you say it really was the way of their generation and generations before them which we all thinking people are changing in our lives with people and family around us.